TK 9400 铅芯笔 2mm (HB) (#139400)

The classic, reliable and familiar "TK Pencil" for artists and technicians from Faber-Castell: the TK Clutch Pencil 9400. Equipped with ergonomic finger grooves. The powerful jaws grip the lead firmly. The TK 9400 clutch pencil has a slender and even shaft with its balance point oriented towards the tip. Available in 11 degrees of hardness. Lead diameter: 6B to 4B in 3.15 mm and 3B to 4H in 2 mm.
  • 经典、可靠的TK系列活动铅笔让人倍感亲切,适用于书写、绘画和素描
  • 符合人体工程学设计的圆形捏手和六角笔杆
  • 坚固的结构
  • 优质、牢固的离合器
  • 笔杆长度:145mm
  • TK 9071笔芯硬度HB,直径2mm
  • 笔芯标记硬度HB
  • TK 9071共11个等级的硬度(6H-3B)
Degree of hardness
Environmental awareness
  • Made in Germany

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