14cm刻度 三角尺 (#177091)

Rulers and letter stencils are important tools for producing and labelling drawings, in particular technical drawings. Since the letters and characters in sketches must be extremely precise and clean, letter stencils help transfer these letters and characters onto a surface while ensuring a correct and proper layout.
  • 通过三角10mm网格绘图
  • 结合三角板,测量,平行尺,量角器和多边形绘图等辅助设备
  • 量角器刻度和平行线, 7°and 42°线条,使用墨水绘图和斜边绘制,布局清晰
  • 低反射,精密加工
  • 可拆卸手柄
  • 160×80×1.8mm