CLIC&GO可折叠水杯 莓红色

ST21 red

CLIC&GO可折叠水杯 莓红色

The Clic&Go water cup is a great addition to the Connector opaque paint box and thus supports the playful painting fun. It can be folded easily and is therefore space-saving and quick to store. It can also be used as a brush tray, keeping the workplace clean and tidy. In combination with the Connector opaque paint box, the Clic&Go water cup offers many possibilities for painting, crafting and playing.


  • 校园和写生的理想用品,可折叠的创意设计,易于存放与携带
  • 易于清洗和整理
  • 波浪型的杯沿可摆放画笔,保持工作区域的整洁
  • 是水溶彩铅和水彩颜料盒的最佳拍档
  • 杯身使用防滑材料制作,不易从手中滑走颜色:莓红