ART GRIP 蓝点阵水溶彩铅 36色蓝铁盒装

ART GRIP 蓝点阵水溶彩铅 36色蓝铁盒装

Art Grip Aquarelle watercolour pencils are fully watersoluble: Apply a wet paintbrush and create fabulous watercolour effects on any motif or pattern composed with Art Grip Aquarelle pencils. They are ideal for precise drawing and superior to standard watercolour paints that come in tubes or pans and tend to dry out or leave unwanted stains or marks on your paper. No matter whether you are working on bright, coloured or dark papers - the high level of pigments will bring your creative ideas to life!


  • 高品质水溶性彩铅,色彩柔和,具有良好的沉淀效果
  • 采用抗折断粘合技术制作,笔芯不易折断
  • 颜料细滑,具有强水溶性,干透后具防水性
  • 符合人体工程学设计的三角形笔杆造型,笔杆带有防滑凸出波点,使笔杆更易抓握,绘制更精准的线条
  • 艺术爱好者、艺术专业学生、设计师的理想之选



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